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Filing and searching for a will

- What are the forms of will in Cyprus ?

Only one form of will exists, the will made before witnesses. It must be signed by the testator and two witnesses.

- Does a register of wills exist in Cyprus ? 

Yes, there is a register of wills, administered by the registration offices of the local courts. The wills are physically kept in this register. The register is not kept electronically.

1.Filing of a will

- Why file a will ?

It is not obligatory to file a will with the registration offices. However, a will which is not found is deemed to be a non-existent will. This is why it is recommended that the will is filed. In this way, the testator can be sure that his last wishes will be found and therefore respected following his death.

- Who can file the will ?

The testator can file the will himself or ask his lawyer to do so.

- How is the filing made ?

The registration office shall provide an envelope in which to insert the will. Information enabling to identify the testator shall be recorded on the envelope.

- How much does it cost to file a will ?

The cost of filing a will is 6€.

2.The search for the wills

- Who can consult the register of wills ?

Following the death of the testator, the family of the deceased may contact the registration offices themselves or through a lawyer. However, only those who can prove a legal interest (heirs, executors, etc.) may consult the register. This consultation is not obligatory but it is however recommended because it ensures that the last wishes of the testator are respected.

- Is it necessary to provide a death certificate ?

Yes, the family of the deceased (or the lawyer representing them) must provide a death certificate in order to be able to carry out a search. This measure enables to ensure that the existence of the will remains secret throughout the testator’s life.

- How much does a search cost ?

The cost of a search is 2€.


15 juin 2012
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