Association du Réseau Européen des Registres Testamentaires

Finding a will abroad - Information sheets

These fact sheets explain what to do when a will is found in another EU Member State.

Information about succession law is available on :

- the e-justice portal, section "Succession" :

- the website :

The fact sheets below can be downloaded in PDF format.

Updated to September 1, 2016, unless otherwise indicated.

- Austria [EN] [FR] [DE]

- Belgium [EN] [FR] [DE]

- Bulgaria [EN] [FR] [DE]

- Croatia [EN] [FR] [DE]

- Cyprus [EN] [FR] [DE]

- Czeck Republic [EN] [FR] [DE]

- Denmark [EN] [FR] [DE]

- Estonia [EN] [FR] [DE]

- Finland [EN] [FR] [DE]

- France [EN] [FR] [DE]

- Germany [EN] [FR] [DE]

- Greece [EN] [FR] [DE]

- Hungary [EN] [FR] [DE]

- Ireland [EN] [FR] [DE]

- Italy [EN] [FR] [DE]

- Latvia [EN] [FR] [DE]

- Lithuania [EN] [FR] [DE]

- Luxembourg [EN] [FR] [DE]

- Malta [EN] [FR] [DE]

- The Netherlands [EN] [FR] [DE]

- Poland [EN] [FR] [DE]

- Portugal [EN] [FR] [DE]

- Romania [EN] [FR] [DE]

- Slovakia [EN] [FR] [DE]

- Slovenia [EN] [FR] [DE]

- Spain [EN] [FR] [DE]

- Sweden [EN] [FR] [DE]

- United Kingdom [EN] [FR] [DE]



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