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Finding a will in Italy

 Legal professionals, some questions/answers to assist you 

- When the existence of a will has been established, who has to be contacted to obtaininformation about its content ?

Information on the content of the will is sent by the notary responsible for settling the succession. This can be either the notary holding the will or a different notary, whose contact details can be provided by the notaryholding the will. The latter can be located by making a search of the Italian Register of Wills.

- Who is entitled to receive the information ?

After the death of the testator and the publication of the will, the will becomes public. Anyone can then obtain a copy.

- Is there a particular procedure to be followed ? If so, which one ?

For the information contained in the will, or a copy of the will itself, to be communicated, the will must have been published in accordance with Italian law.

- By what means can the information be sent ?

The information contained in the will and/or a certified copy of the record of the opening are sent by post or electronically.


20 mars 2017
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