The European Network of Registers of Wills Association

The Association

The European Network of Registers of Wills Association is an international not-for-profit association governed by Belgian law, created in 2005 by the Belgian, French and Slovenian Notariats.

In compliance with the Basel Convention relating to the establishment of a system for the registration of wills of May 16, 1972, the States which have a register for the recording of wills and which adhere to the ARERT can interconnect these registers, thus enabling all European citizens to discover the wills left by any deceased person regardless of the country in which such will was registered.

European citizens

EU citizens will find here:

- Information sheet on how to register and to find a will in all 28 Member States of the UE. This information is available in French, English and national language of each country concerned

- Useful information for contacting the registers of wills in most countries of the European Union.

- information on the new interconnection of registers of European Certificate of Succession (ECS).



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