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  • When the existence of a will has been established, who has to be contacted to obtain information about its content?

Information on the content of the will is provided by the executor of the will or, failing that, certain beneficiaries in the will or by the heirs.

During the succession procedure, the will must be presented to a specialised authority known as the “Probate Office”, under the jurisdiction of the Irish High Court. The Probate Office issues a “Grant of Probate” in the deceased person’s estate and the will is now a public document. A Public Register is maintained at the Probate Office and any member of the public has access to this Register to request a copy of the will and Grant.


  • Who is entitled to receive the information?

The content of the will remains confidential until the Grant of Probate has been issued. The executor of the will is then free to provide information regarding the will as the will is now a public document.


  • Is there a particular procedure to be followed? If so, which one?

For the information contained in the will, and/or a copy of the will itself, to be communicated, the will must have been presented to the Probate Office in accordance with Irish law.


  • By what means must the information be sent?

Copies of the will may only be sent by post.



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