Keeping and searching for a will


Keeping and searching for a will
  •  What are the forms of wills in Finland?

* the written witnessed will, signed by the testator in the presence of two witnesses.

* if the above is prevented owing to illness or another compelling reason, a will that is written, dated and signed by the testator himself or the oral will, communicated in the presence of two witnesses are deemed valid.

  •  Does a register of wills exist in Finland?

No, there is no register of wills administered by public authorities in Finland.

  •  How are wills kept?

The will is kept by the testator in the place of his choice (at home, with his lawyer, in a bank, etc.).

  • How does one find the wills of family members?

In the absence of a register, the testator is advised to disclose the existence of the will to a trusted person as well as the place in which it is kept.

Otherwise, the heirs must search for the will in the home of the deceased, with his lawyer, with the bank, etc.     ******

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