How to join?

The European Network of Registers of Wills Association (ENRWA) is an international non-profit association under Belgian law, created in 2005 by the Belgian, French and Slovenian Notariats.

In compliance with the Basel Convention relating to the establishment of a system for the registration of wills of May 16, 1972, the States which have a register for the recording of wills and which adhere to the ARERT can interconnect these registers, thus enabling all European citizens to discover the wills left by any deceased person regardless of the country in which such will was registered.

Since 2015, the ENRWA also allows authorities issuing European Certificate of Succession (ECS), introduced by the European Regulation on cross-border successions, to search for the issue of an ECS in another Member State bound by the Regulation (i.e. all EU Member States, except Ireland and Denmark).

As with lasts wills, the registration of ECSs is carried out within registers The ENRWA interconnects the national registers of wills and ECSs in order to allow queries for those issued in another State, in compliance with the conditions imposed by the latter.This research facilitates the processing of cross-border successions.

The association is committed to continually developing and improving its quality management system.

Any organisation applying for membership of ENRWA must fulfil one of the following conditions :

  • be a European Union Notariat, or
  • be a Notariat in a country having the status of a European Union candidate country, or
  • be designated by the competent authority as being the administrator(s) of the register of wills or, failing designation by the competent authority, comply with the criteria set by the association, or
  • be a candidate for the establishment of such a register in accordance with the criteria set by the Association.


The membership application must be sent in writing to the ENRWA, to the address ca@arert.eu or to the registered office (Rue de la Montagne, 30-34, B-1000 Brussels).

Candidatures are then reviewed by the Steering Committee.


The steering committee is composed of five administrators :

  • Maître Octavian ROGOJANU, President, civil law notary in Romania.
  • Maître Anne WUILQUOT, Vice president, civil law notary in Belgium.
  • Maître Viktor MÁTÉ, Vice president, notary in Hungary
  • Maître Pierre-Luc VOGEL, Treasurer, notary in France
  • Maître Sonja KRALJ, Secretary, notary in Slovenia

The Articles

The ENRWA articles can be downloaded in PDF format.