A tool for European notaries, the ENRW

The ENRW (European Network of Registers of Wills) is a platform that interconnects 13 registers of wills and 3 registers of European certificates of succession in Europe. In 2023, the network made it possible to respond to 5225 queries from European notaries and 696 wills were found.

The ENRW is managed by an association, the ENRWA, which is made up of 21 member notariats and 2 partner State registers. In relation to 2023, we have integrated a new member, the Estonian notariat, and established a new partnership with the Lithuanian State register.

There are currently 13 interconnected registers of wills: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

Trois (3) registres de CSE sont actuellement interconnectés, la France, la Luxembourg et les Pays-Bas. Nous ajouterons le registre belge de CSE dans les prochains mois.

To find out more about the ENRW, watch the video: Présentation du Réseau Européen des Registres Testamentaires RERT